What does it cost to dance?
Admission to regular dances is $8 per person for non-members, $7 for members 16 years old and older, and $6 for member youths aged 11-15. Children 10 and under are free!

What should I wear?
Wear shoes that won't damage a wooden gym floor, but will turn freely. Leather flats or hard rubber soles are fine. Avoid high heels or tennis shoes with treads. Bowling shoes and most dance shoes are great. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in, and won't get too hot. Contra dancing is vigorous; you will work up a sweat!

How can I learn to dance?
If you can walk, you can dance. Most folks find the 30-minute beginners' workshop at 6:30 PM before the dance is enough to get through their first evening reasonably comfortably. Some can wade in with no introduction at all. We walk through each dance before the music starts, and other dancers are very helpful. Make an effort to dance at least the first three dances of the evening if you're just getting started.