Bring some SNACKING GOODIES to the Eastside dances, and a FAN to help cool us off. You will get a $1 discount for providing either of these contributions ($2 if you come laden with both!)

We are still providing CHILDCARE, but there has not been much use made of it, and it would help if we had some input from you folks with children regarding your wants/needs. Please call Amanda (883-7453) or Katrina (536-1397) and let us know. The charge is full price for your first child ($5 nonmembers, $4 members), additional children $3 each. Does anyone have any toys, puzzles, games, etc., to lend or to donate to the cause?

NASHVILLE COUNTRY DANCERS' Saturday night series are back in full swing, starting with Something Fishy with Kath Tallichet calling on September 28. October 11-13 brings their Dance Weekend, with String Beings and the Sofa Cats with Robert Cromartie and Chrissy Davis-Camp calling. More will follow on November 23 and December 14, so stay tuned. These dances start at 8 PM at Carter Lawrence School. It's fun having our Nashville cousins join in at our dances -- let's keep the flow going in both directions and take advantage of these great dance opportunities they have arranged!

BOB WHITE, who gives us great contra dance music with his wife Cathy, Curt Lewis, and Calvin Minner, has an alter ego. He will be playing fiddle and Cajun accordion with his other band, the Lonesome Lovers, at Big Spring Jam. Come and enjoy this side of Bob on Saturday, Sept. 27, at 2:15 at the Woody Anderson Stage.

DID YOU MISS THE FUN AT SADDLEROCK? Amanda was there, and reports:

A courtly group of local dancers, highly respectable in number if not in other ways (upwards of *two dozen* NACDS folks!), represented our fair "Huntsvillage" at the big annual Birmingham Country Dance Society weekend in Mentone, August 16th-18th. It was wonderful to see so many friendly, familiar faces there! The dancing, music, and camaraderie were at an all-time high, I think. The bands -- The Trash, Something Fishy, The Volo Bogtrotters, and Cattywampus -- were divine, as always, with stellar calling by Robert Cromartie, Cis Hinkle, and Susan Davis.

In keeping with this year's Arthurian theme -- Saddlerock became "Camp-a-lot" for the weekend -- there was a "canoe ring joust" in which several of our fine lords participated, proudly displaying our banner, which was created by a group of our fine *ladies*, mainly. A traditional division of labor, yes, but equal representation. And, not to cast any aspersions on our own worthy boat or any others, *but*, while we're on the subject... the only canoe not to incur any penalty points was that of the community of Hydrangea; it was also the only vessel paddled entirely by women! (I think this is significant, don't you?)

We had lots of fun! BCDS deserves a round of applause for another fine event. If you didn't make it this year, I encourage you to try to do so next year!

BLUE MOON SIGHTING NACDS had its first "Blue Moon" Dance on Saturday night, August 31st. The event went off almost as if we had planned it! We had four callers and nine musicians. In addition to regular caller Harry Delugach, JC Jones (Nashville), Andy Martincak (Hot Rock), and Abe Kunin (Huntsville) called dances.

A new band consisting of Steve Tucker (fiddle), Gayle Brown (guitar), and Scott Brown (banjo) kicked off the evening. Their group name may still be a matter of debate among the members, but at press time it was rumored to be "Hyde nor Hare". Their music is tight and it dances well: Look forward to more on September 21, with John Sharlet calling.

Music for the remainder of the evening came from Steve Nix (guitar) and Chuck Weber (fiddle). New add-in musicians included Mollianne McFetridge (keyboard), Emily Peterson (penny whistle), Sally Bryan (fiddle), and utility infielder Andy Martincak (harmonica, guitar, and who knows what else).

All the callers and musicians want to thank the dancers for being there as guinea pigs. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Calling and playing both require study and practice, and we would appreciate your truthful (but tactful) guidance on what you liked, and what needs work.

IS IT TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP? Check your mailing label for the year and month when your membership expires. If your time is approaching, make your check for $8.00 payable to Katrina Coupland and mail to 3604 Mae Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next Eastside dance. (You don't have to wait till the last minute: we tack early renewals onto the end of your current subscription). Comes with $1 discount for each family member on all NACDS dances (excluding the Christmas Dance), and may be honored by other dance groups.

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