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North Alabama Country Dance Society

Established 1982 Group Affiliate, Country Dance & Song Society

October 1998 H. Douglas Roth, ed.: 830-3540 or 721-9371

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This Saturday: Janet Shepard with "The Artists Formerly Known as Anon"

Come help us welcome Atlanta's vivacious Janet Shepard, who will call on October 3rd at our first-Saturday dance this month. Playing will be our own Katrina Coupland (piano), Chuck Weber (fiddle) and Steve Nix (guitar), a.k.a. Anon. Don't miss it.

October 17th: Mystery Caller and "Name This Band"

The combination of Bob & Cathy White with Curt Lewis produces a string band whose music we all have enjoyed dancing to for years. However, they have been honing their skills so diligently that they neglected to come up with a catchy name for themselves. They will play for our mid-month dance with a caller to be named later.

October 31st (Halloween): Blue Moon - Ed Baggott & Elsie Peterson and ???

For the second time in three months, we are blest by the vagaries of the Gregorian Calendar: There is a fifth Saturday in October and we will have one of our open-mike "Blue Moon" dances! So dust off your axe, warm up your voice, find your dance cards and join the fun. If you are considering either calling or playing, please contact (respectively) Harry Delugach (772-0820) or Ed Baggott (536-6962) to get on the list.

As this is also Halloween, you are encouraged to wear a spooky costume and bring leftover candy.


New Editor

Hello! My name is Doug Roth, and I have the honor and/or burden of being your new editor. Please join me in saying "Thank you!" to Amanda Kay for her many months of service in this capacity. While putting together this month’s issue, I have gained an appreciation of how much effort she had been putting in.

I’d like to solicit some help in applying stamps and address labels to the newsletters after they are printed. My guess is that it would take 3 to 4 people less than an hour to cover our approximately 115 member mailing list. We could meet somewhere one afternoon or evening a month and enjoy snacks as we fold, staple and mutilate. "Many hands make for light work!" Contact me if you are interested.

This Just In:

If you were in the crowd enjoying the Cajun music of Beausoleil last Sunday night, you’ll be interested to learn that NACDS members (and our band for the 17th) Bob & Cathy White, helped Jam Officials out of a big "Jam" due to Delta Airlines. Beausoleil’s instruments were sent to Cincinnati by mistake, and Cathy & Bob were able to loan them a Cajun accordion, conga drums, and a tee fer or Cajun triangle. The show went on as scheduled. So, if there is just a bit more spice in the White’s music after this, you can infer the source!


  • Local events in bold; contact Bryan Walls (837-0656; for more info.

    Oct. 2 (Fri.): Nashville Country Dancers dance: w/ John Sharlet & The Working Poor.

    NCD dances almost every Friday at the Woodbine Community Center, Burbank & Oriel, near I-440 & Nolensville Rd. Instruction at 7:30, dance at 8:00. For more info, contact Chrissy (615-331-3136) or John (

    Oct. 2-3: Annual Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers Convention, Athens, AL!

    Oct. 3 (Sat.): NACDS dance @ Faith: Janet Shepherd and Chuck, Katrina & Steve

    Oct. 9-11: Nashville: "Music City Masquerade" NCDS dance weekend at Eakin School: Atomic City Rhythm Rascals, Kathy Anderson, Dubious Pastime, Atlanta’s Magic Truck, Cajun classes, et al. (615) 331-3136.

    Oct. 10 (Sat.): Chattanooga Traditional Dance Society dance, caller and band are TBA.

    CTDS dances 2nd & 4th Saturdays at All Saints Academy, 310 E. 8th St., downtown; 8-11 p.m.; $5.

    For info contact: (423) 622-0604 or (423) 756-3466;

  • Oct. 16 (Fri.): Nashville: NCD Dance - Jim Coode and Marty Wilson with John Mowad & Susan Ramsay

  • Oct. 16-18: Lake Eden Arts Festival, Black Mountain, N.C. Contact: 828 68-music;

    Oct. 17 (Sat.): NACDS dance @ Faith w/ Bob & Cathy White & Curt Lewis.

  • Oct. 23 (Fri.): Nashville: NCD Dance &endash; Hibbard Thatcher with TBA

    Oct. 24 (Sat.): Chattanooga: Janet Shepherd & the Midnight Kitchen Band! (See Oct. 10.)

    Oct. 30 (Fri.): Nashville: NCD Dance &endash; Eddie Doss with TBA

  • Oct. 30-Nov. 1: Fall Dance Weekend, Brasstown, NC: 1-800-FOLK-SCH;

    Oct. 31 (Sat.): (Halloween) "Blue Moon" open-mike dance w/ Ed Baggott & Elsie Peterson

    Call Harry (772-0820) to call, and Ed (536-6962) to play. (Wear a costume!)

  • Nov. 6 (Fri.): Nashville: NCD Dance &endash; Jim Coode with The Working Poor

  • Nov. 7 (Sat.): NACDS dance @ Faith, with Seth Tepfer & the Sofa Cats!

    Nov. 13 (Fri.): Nashville: NCD Dance &endash;TBA

    Nov. 13-15: Atlanta Dance Weekend: Rodney Miller & the All-Round Boys, Red Mountain White Trash, Susan Kevra, Cis Hinkle, Atlanta Swamp Opera, et al. (770) 552-8964.

    Nov. 20 (Fri.): Nashville: NCD dance &endash; TBA with John Mowad and Susan Ramsay

    Nov. 21 (Sat.): NACDS dance @ Faith, with Janet Shepherd & Hyde Nor Hare!

    Nov. 27 (Fri.): Nashville: NO DANCE (Thanksgiving)

    Dec. 5 (Sat.): NACDS Christmas Dance @ Faith. Caller and Band TBA

    Dec. 19 (Sat.): NO Dance Happy holiday season!

    Dec. 26-Jan. 1: Brasstown, NC: Winter Dance Week, 1-800-FOLK-SCH;

  • Dec. 26-Jan. 1: Berea, KY: Christmas Country Dance School. (606) 986-9341x5565;


    Dec. 27-Jan. 1: Florida Rhapsody: A New Year’s Dance Escape, near Orlando;

    Contact: Seth Tepfer at 1-800-443-8908 (ext.1584) or










  • Join us -- or renew your membership (check your mailing label's date) -- by sending $8 (payable to me, please!) to the address below. You'll receive this monthly newsletter, and you and each of your family members will receive a one-dollar discount on admission to each of our regular dances.

    H. Douglas Roth 203 Utica Place #3 Huntsville, AL 35806