CHILDCARE has been suspended for now. It wasn't used much and we lost money on it, resulting in significant stretching of our shoestring budget. We're open to trying again in the future, but would need input from you folks with children regarding your wants/needs. Please call Amanda (883-7453) or Katrina (536-1397) and let us know.

NEW PRICING STRUCTURE: In connection with dropping childcare, we revisited our entrance fees and have decided that children 12 and under will be admitted free; ages 12-18 will be asked to donate $3, and adults will continue at the donation rate of $4 members, $5 non-members. Please remember that we are a nonprofit organization. We request donations rather than charging an entrance fee because of policies relating to our rental agreement with the hall we hold our dances in. But if we can't cover our costs (hall rental, bands, callers, and equipment), the group will fold. So we do rely on these donations!

Bring some SNACKING GOODIES to the Eastside dances for a $1 discount.

CALLING ALL CALLERS! Chrissy Davis-Camp is offering a caller workshop at her house in Nashville on Sat., Nov.2 from 1-5 PM, followed by a potluck and party/dance. Then you'll be able to practice all you've learned at our BLUE MOON OPEN MIKE NIGHT at the Burritt Museum Church on Sat., Nov. 30. Call Chrissy (615-331-3136) or talk to her when she comes to call at our dance Oct. 5. Get with Harry (772-0820; or for carpooling info for the workshop. And get with Harry to discuss your participation at the open-mike night dance!

CHANGED LOCATION FOR NOVEMBER 2 DANCE! Carol and Jerry Mebane, who are members of the Faith Presbyterian Church, have arranged for a joint dance between NACDS and their church group that night. It looks like a great place to dance! Come and meet some new folks and enjoy a change of venue next month, in the church gymnasium, at the southeast corner of Airport Road and Whitesburg Drive.

IS IT TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP? Check your mailing label for the year and month when your membership expires. If your time is approaching, make your check for $8.00 payable to Katrina Coupland and mail to 3604 Mae Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next Eastside dance. (You don't have to wait till the last minute: we tack early renewals onto the end of your current subscription). Comes with $1 discount for each family member on all NACDS dances (excluding the Christmas Dance), and may be honored by other dance groups.

North Alabama Country Dance Society

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