Did you catch the photo of Lykitor Knot on the front page of the Huntsville Times on Sept. 5? The featured band for this month's Eastside Dance graciously played for the Huntsville Land Trust Benefit Labor Day Bar-B-Q, and we hear they did a wonderful job. Get yourself into a festive mood and celebrate a full year of country dances at Eastside on Oct. 7 to the music of these folks (more or less: we're never quite sure who is going to be in Lykitor Knot, but we are sure they'll play some great dancing tunes!). Bring some friends who haven't danced in a while, or introduce someone new to this delightful activity!

FRED BECKETT will be calling folks to kick up their heels in Birmingham on Oct. 28. You don't have to skip an NACDS dance to catch this one, and you get to hear the Sofa Cats as well! Call Fred at 534-8566 for directions.


You may just like to dance, and could care less what goes on behind the scenes, but there are decisions to be made that affect when where and how these dances occur: Won't you let your voice be heard? Anyone interested is invited to attend a STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING on Sunday, Oct. 8, 4:00 PM, at the Webers' house, 1623 Monte Sano Blvd. (Call 539-3747 for directions)


ARE YOU INSATIABLE? Or would you at least like the chance to dance in Huntsville every weekend? Harry Delugach would consider organizing another Eastside dance each month, if people show sufficient interest that we think we will be able to pay the bills. Call Harry (772-0820), Katrina Coupland (536-2190), or Bryan Walls (837-0656); or tell one of us at the next dance how you feel (nays as well as yeas).


CAJUN DANCING is happening at Gorin's Ice Cream & Sandwiche Shop at 101 Washington St. (corner of Clinton Ave) every fourth Wednesday, from 7 to 9 PM. Cajun music from cassette tapes or CD's will be provided. While you're there, enjoy some delicious food and drink. Contact Rebecca Zurn (882-2627), Louis Maus (544-0484) or Bob Weaver (205-233-0052) for more information.


Please bring a FAN when you come to the Eastside dances, to help blow away all that heat we generate. Also, Harry could use help with organizing equipment set-up and take-down at Eastside dances. Call Harry at 772-0820.


I know you feel betrayed to see such early Christmas advertising even here, in your trusty NACDS newsletter, the last bastion of good old-fashioned decency. But here it is. The newsletter poll last Spring and a survey taken at the last Burritt Dance show that Eastside, which is big enough to hold a good-size group, is the favored location, even though we love Burritt's special charms. So mark your calendar: December 2 at Eastside will be a special Christmas Dance. Advance tickets won't be needed because we'll all fit in! Perhaps we can also make the Dec. 16 Burritt Dance a festive occasion, for those who can't make it on Dec. 2 or those who just love to party as often as possible!


Will you lend a hand? We need someone to coordinate the Welcome Table at the Eastside Dances. This involves scheduling volunteers to "man" the table to greet people and take money. Amanda Kay has graciously been performing this function and she needs a break! Please call her at 883-7453 for details. Or, if you don't want that much responsibility, but you are willing to sit out one dance and greet folks, call her or tell the person at the table when you come to the dance.


I've heard of frying an egg on the sidewalk before, but what's this about French toast from Hot Rock? Appears that the Sunday morning breakfast team at Saddlerock really wowed someone from Atlanta. Joyce Cauthen (2169 Shadybrook Lane, Birmingham, AL 35226) would like to publish the recipe in the B'ham Country Dance Society newsletter, if you're willing to share it.


The weather is here for wearing those forest green T-SHIRTS; and if you act quickly, you may even be the one to snap up the last sweatshirt (call Bryan Walls at 837-0656, or get them at the next dance).


There was a request that we publish a map of Eastside Community Center again:


Is it time to renew your membership? Check your mailing label. Make your check for $8.00 to Katrina Coupland and mail to 109 Nolen Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next dance. Comes with $1 discount on dances, both Burritt and Eastside.


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