North Alabama Country Dance Society Newsletter -- October 1994

Geek Alert: If you're into surfing the World Wide Web, take a peek at our page on . There's not much there right now, but it will be growing. If you would like to help with it, let me know.

New Dance: Great news! Now there are three NACDS dances each month! The new dance will take place on the first Saturday of each month at a new location. The East Side Community Center, the new spot, is just west of Five Points, and has a coveted sprung wood floor. The floor has a nice finish, so we have to ask (and enforce!) that only soft sole shoes be worn on the dance floor. The new place is significantly larger than the church at the Burritt, so we can comfortably support more dancers. The other two monthly dances will continue to be at the Burritt on the scheduled dates.

This first dance will feature the calling of Harry Delugach, and the music of Lykitor Knot. Lykitor Knot is the band that did such an awesome job of playing at our last Saturday night dance, and the group that I accused in the last newsletter of truculently refusing to take a name. Now they have one, and I can say of both band and name that I do like it.

Cajun Workshop: The Cajun Workshop was excellent, with lots of familiar faces. 'Hope y'all got to try out all those steps at the Big Spring Jam!

Don't miss the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler's Convention coming up October 7-9. There's great music, with some of the best provided by musicians we know and love from the dances.

Names and Faces


Lois & Phil Kern     Eugene McGraw         Rita Robinson         Ben Vizzier 
1403 Appalachee Dr.  2612 Mountain Pk Cir. 13913 Marielen Rd     211 Tristran Rd
Huntsville AL 35801  Huntsville AL 35810   Huntsville AL 35803   Toney AL 35773 
205-881-7745         205-859-5557          205-881-1689          205-420-3692 

Directory Assistance - I'm planning to have a new NACDS directory out to all subscribers by the end of the year. If you don't want your name, address, and phone number in the directory, let me know. Also, look at your label to make sure everything is correct. Often only one name from a family is on the label; it would be nice to have everyone in the directory. There will be an address list at the dances this month that you can check and correct, or you can call me at home. Or mail me, either at the address below, or by e-mail, at

Newsletter subscriptions or renewals: are still a mere $6.00 a year, and can be sent to me, or paid at the dance. Comes with $1.00 discount on the regular dances! Checks can be made out either to me, or to NACDS.

North Alabama Country Dance Society

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