This month abounds with dance opportunities, and there are lots of different locations, so you'll have to be on your toes! The first Saturday dance this weekend is being held at the Faith Presbyterian Church Gym on the Southeast corner of Airport Road and Whitesburg Drive. The third Saturday dance is tentatively scheduled to be held at Eastside , but the location may change. If it does, we will send out a flyer before the dance. So if you don't hear any different, come to Eastside on the 16th. [wwwed -- this has changed -- the dance will be at Faith Presbyterian] Our August Blue Moon Dance was so much fun that we're doing it again on the fifth Saturday that November provides. This dance is only advertised to NACDS newsletter subscribers: That means no completely new beginners among the dancers (this should help make everything run more smoothly for the beginning callers and musicians) Get with Harry Delugach (772-0820; or ) to discuss your participation at the open-mike night dance as a caller; or Chuck Weber (534-4047; or if you're an upcoming musician ! Harry, Chuck, and Steve will be providing expert back-up. Dancers, please come and support these budding performers and have a great time. Last time the ladies were all good sports and showed up, but we were short on gents. Guys? Come and work off some of that turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie. Location is the Burritt church.

Now, in addition to these NACDS dances, you can kick off November this Friday by joining the Lawles' family and their friends at a dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall. This is being held as a part of a family oriented program connected with their church, but all dancers are welcome. Bobby Lawles has engaged that great Nashville caller Chrissy Davis-Camp, and Lykitor Knot will set your toes a-tappin'. But that's not all! Fred Beckett has a duo from Nashville lined up at Burritt on the 9th that will please your ears; and then our newest local group, Hyde nor Hare will play the Burritt on Nov.29. There's several Cajun/Zydeco events, too. December will be alittle more sparse in dance opportunities so take advantage this month!

On Friday, Nov.8, the Gray Bull Revels, headed by Ross and Harriet Grable, and including several NACDS members, will perform a variety of Madrigal singing, English Country Dance, and Renaissance and Baroque Instrumental music at La Boheme Coffee House, around 7:30 or 8:00 PM. They recently performed at the Renaissance Fair in Florence, and will be in full regalia. Admission is free, so come and enjoy some coffee and fine entertainment!

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