STEERING COMMITTEE MEETINGS: After two weather related cancellations, the snow and ice actually let up long enough for us to have our steering committee meeting on Feb. 11. The committee agreed to proceed with plans to formalize the structure of the organization by adopting a constitution and by-laws, and electing officers. A committee was appointed to work on these matters: Call Amanda Kay (883-7453), Bryan Walls (837-0656), or Chuck Weber (534-4047) with ideas. The committee voted to co-sponsor the March 16 Habitat for Humanity benefit program (see below). It was agreed that a letter should be sent to Fred Beckett, who did not attend the meeting, outlining our proposed organizational plans, and guidelines for cooperation and coordination between the Burritt dance series and the Eastside dances. Fred replied with a letter stating that he was not interested in either cooperation or coordination, and that he was not a part of NACDS. He is now the Huntsville Barn Dance Co., and the sound system, which was believed to be NACDS property is no longer available for NACDS use.

An emergency meeting of the steering committee was called on Feb. 21 to discuss his response, and it DIDN'T EVEN SNOW. Various options were discussed. For now, it was agreed that a sound system will be rented for the March 2 Eastside Dance. There is slightly over $700 in the NACDS bank account representing primarily profits from the Christmas Dance and T-shirt sales, which can be earmarked for the purchase of a sound system, which may cost $1500-$2000. Six members present at the committee meeting pledged no-interest loans toward the purchase of this sound system, to be paid back in installments as finances permit. Others among you who love to dance and are able to help with a loan or a donation, please contact Bryan Walls, our acting treasurer, 837-0656; We will also accept donations/loans/pledges at the Eastside dance.There will be receipts available. The more people that chip in, the less each individual will have to put up! We can make it happen.

NACDS expects to hold extra dances at Eastside, and your membership discount will apply to all of these dances. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! WE PLAN TO HOLD OUR FIRST "THIRD SATURDAY" DANCE AT EASTSIDE ON APRIL 20. Don't miss a chance to dance to the spirited music of Bob and Cathy White, Curt Lewis, and Calvin Mintern. We will continue with first Saturdays as well.

Bob , by the way, is lending his expertise to help Harry choose a sound system; He and Chuck Weber will work on learning to run the thing. Where do you fit in? There are a number of tasks that must be performed to make each dance run smoothly. These include such things as producing a dance (arranging for a band and caller, coordinating the other "players"), running the sound system, publishing the newsletter, publicity,co-ordinating the welcome table, and of course helping with set-up, take down and clean-up. Not to mention publishing the directory, membership records and mailing labels, and serving as treasurer. Eastside offers the room we need so that dancers can let out with those high kicks and whirl and twirl with - -oh, maybe not utter abandon, but, let's say, satisfying lack of restraint. Won't you all donate a bit of your time to make it happen? There will be sign-up sheets at Eastside. Maybe we can rotate duties so that nobody has to stay under the yoke for very long at a stretch.

THERE! Sorry to put so much political/practical stuff in a newsletter for a society designed to promote fun and recreation!. But housekeeping is a fact of life. If you'll bear with us a bit longer, we hope to circulate the proposed constitution/bylaws soon; will have a brief meeting at Eastside during the break, another STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING ON MARCH 3, 4PM, 3604 Mae Drive on Monte Sano (call 536-1397 for directions), and then we'll be set to concentrate on DANCE! If any of you are interested in particulars, any of the folks who attended the latest Steering Committee meeting -can fill you in. These are:Katrina Coupland, Harry Delugach, Amanda Kay and Daniel Schenker, Carol and Jerry Mebane, Bryan Walls, Bob White, and Chuck Weber.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY/CELTIC MUSICAL ARTS FESTIVAL will take place on March 16, 2-5 PM., to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Habitat uses donations and volunteer labor to build homes for deserving folks. Come to Eastside to hear some good music, see some great dance, and participate in a couple of simple contra/circle dances. Suggested donation is $5/adults, 16 and under free. The Lykitor Knot band is co-sponsoring the event and will play, along with a great line-up of performers including Scottish pipe and drum corps, Tenn. Valley Scottish Country Dancers, as well as dancers "B" Klein and Shelia McFerran, singer Richard Van Valkenburgh, and many others.

HUNTSVILLE FEMINIST CHORUS SPRING CELEBRATION CONCERT with Sycamore and Anna Sue Courtney is coming up. This will feature upbeat, empowering music by women, performed by women. Several of our dancers will be performing, so we know it will be good!. Everyone welcome. Saturday March 9 7:30 PM. Roberts Recital Hall, UAH campus. No admission charge.

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Sorry, Kimberly - I misspelled your last name in the February issue-it is Hart!

Is it time to renew your membership? Check your mailing label. Make your check for $8.00 to Katrina Coupland and mail to 109 Nolen Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next dance. Comes with $1 discount on all dances, both Burritt and Eastside (excluding the Christmas Dance).

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