Welcome to a new future dancer in our community: Darren and Ruhi Hiebert proudly announce the birth of their daughter Samineh on Dec. 28, 1994. I guess we'll have to wait a couple of years before she hits the dance floor, but we know she has those dancing genes and it's just a matter of time before she starts swinging and do-si-do-ing!

Fred Beckett will be traveling to Nashville this month to call to the music of Bell Buckle at the March 17 dance of the Nashville Country Dancers. We don't have a dance in Huntsville that weekend, so it's a good opportunity to check out the Nashville scene and lend moral support to your local caller.

If you didn't venture out into the cold for the Feb. 11 dance, don't didn't miss your chance to hear the Johnson Sisters from Birmingham. They made it to Huntsville, but icy roads on Burritt Hill forced us to shut down, and the dance never really got off the ground. If it doesn't snow or ice, they'll be back on March 11.

Also from out of town is our March 1 band, Red Mountain White Trash, at the Eastside Community Center. Their top-notch reputation promises a night of great dance music.

Please send or call me (536-2190) with news of yourself or other dancers, or whatever other information you think we should share here. Photos are appreciated too, and I'll be sure to return them after they've been reproduced.

Is it time to renew your membership? Check your mailing label. Make your check for $8.00 to Katrina Coupland and mail to 109 Nolen Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next dance. Comes with $1 discount on dances, both Burritt and Eastside (a $36 premium if you attend them all!!).

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