The July Eastside Dance will be a Nostalgia Evening for long-time NACDS dancers; as Pat and Bill McClain travel from Atlanta to call and play. The McClains used to be the Huntsville dance group's house band and caller and made things happen. They owned and operated the Fret Shop before they moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago. Come and dance...this promises to be a great event!

The Huntsville Folk Dancers are disbanding, and will not have a July dance. Join them, however, on August 21 for a final fling at the Scruggs Community Center, featuring Old Favorites, both English and International. Bring a snack for an after-dance farewell party at the Grables' house.

T-Shirts are available now at the dances (or call Bryan Walls- 837-0656). This is the design, in cream on a shirt of forest green. They are $10.00.We've about sold out of size XL, but they run big. Get yours now, and help publicize NACDS by wearing it alot!

LOST & FOUND: See Fred if you've lost something at Burritt, or Harry, if it was at Eastside.

Please bring a FAN when you come to the Eastside dances, to help keep us cool this summer. Also, Harry could use help with organizing equipment set-up and take-down at Eastside dances. Call Harry at 772-0820.

Dance Tips:Two of the most common moves in country dancing are the balance and the swing. The best way to learn, of course, is by watching and imitating, but if you're still having some trouble, and especially if you're a left-brain type, maybe this description will afford you some clarity.

Balance: A small transfer of weight from foot to foot. Step on your right foot and swing your left foot across in front of it. Then step on your left foot and swing your right foot across in front. The swings are small and low.

Swing: Take ballroom position with little toes of right foot almost touching. To do a walking swing, take small close steps in the direction you're facing. To do a buzz swing, pivot on the right foot, using the ball of the left foot to propel you in the direction you're facing. Think of both feet and your body as moving forward, not sideward. Strive for smoothness; no skipping or bouncing. Looking at your partner reduces dizziness and is friendly too. Both partners should have straight backs and slightly bent knees and should pull away from each other: this pulling away is called "giving weight". Always end the swing with the woman on the man's right.

Is it time to renew your membership? Check your mailing label. Make your check for $8.00 to Katrina Coupland and mail to 109 Nolen Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next dance. Comes with $1 discount on dances, both Burritt and Eastside (a $35 value if you attend them all!!).

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