GENERAL MEETING AND STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING: It's a brand new year and we need to get organized! The steering committee attendees have talked about electing officers for a long time; 1996 is the year to do it. There will be a brief membership meeting at the Jan. 6 Eastside dance. We will ask for volunteers for a Nominating Committee. Also, we need people to help produce the dances. Or would you like to serve as an officer? Sign up this Saturday. Then, anyone interested is invited to attend a Steering Committee meeting on Sunday, Jan. 7, 4:00 PM, at Soos Webers' house, 1623 Monte Sano Blvd. (Call 539-3747 for directions). If you can't make either the dance or the steering committee meeting, call Katrina (536-2190) with your inputs.

CAJUN/ZYDECO NIGHT. Recorded music, good food and drink, lots of fun at Gorin's, 101 Washington Street (corner of Clinton Ave.) fourth Wednesday of every month (Jan. 24 coming up next). Starts at 7 PM with an hour of teaching in a relaxed atmosphere, and goes til 9 PM. Then the Chubby Carrier Zydeco Band will be playing just around the corner at the Kaffeeklatsch at 9PM, so plan for a full evening! Call Rebecca Zurn (882-2627), Louis Maus (544-0484), or Bob Weaver (205-233-0052) for more information.


- Starting Jan. 16: Beginners' Cajun Dance Class, Wed. Nights. Call Anne Sentell (955-7255).

- Sat., Jan. 20: Beginners' Zydeco Workshop 9:30-1:15. Registration required. $10/Person. Call Rebecca Zurn (882-2627).

- Beau Soleil and Atlanta Swamp Opera, Friday, Jan. 26, Birmingham. Advanced purchase strongly recommended. $16. Dance workshop 6:30; Dance at 7:30. Call (205) 951-3463 for more information. Meet outside Brody's Pub, next to K-Mart in Madison at 5:30 to caravan there.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS - David Goggin, Betsy Mackay, and Rita Robinson!

EVERETT LUNSFORD sent us a Christmas card with his new address in Atlanta .We hate to lose another excellent dancer, but those Atlanta dancers sure are lucky. Keep in touch with Everett at 1512 Oglethorpe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319-2789; phone (404) 812-9428; e-mail


` Women, please ask men to dance.

` Always join a line at the bottom of the set, away from the music.

` Let the caller and band know that you are having a good time!

` Find out your partner's name, especially if you're dancing with a relatively new dancer. There's nothing like hearing your own name to get your attention, even if you're headed off in a completely wrong direction.

(Adapted from CDSS News #126)

Is it time to renew your membership? Check your mailing label. Make your check for $8.00 to Katrina Coupland and mail to 109 Nolen Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next dance. Comes with $1 discount on all dances, both Burritt and Eastside (excluding the Christmas Dance).

North Alabama Country Dance Society

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