North Alabama Country Dance Society Newsletter -- January 1995

1994 DIRECTORIES ready. Current NACDS members please pick up your copy at any of the January dances, and be sure to mark down that you've done so. This will keep down our mailing and reproduction costs. Those who haven't should receive a copy with the February newsletter.

NACDS voted among "Year's Hot Tickets": The Huntsville Times asked readers to call and tell what event(s) they enjoyed most during 1994. One of the eight events listed was the series of NACDS dances at Burritt and Eastside. I know there are a bunch of other folks who agree with that vote! Two of the other events named were ballroom dances: Dancers are likely to be passionate about it, no matter what type of dance they favor.

Mud- It's all over the sidewalk next to the parking lot at Burritt, and we want to keep it out of the church. Until the construction is finished and the walkway is clean again, please avoid that area as much as possible. Consider parking in the lower paved lots, and limbering up with a brisk walk along the sidewalk that leads from the restrooms to the church. Thanks!

Steering Committee Meeting- Anyone who wants a say-so in running NACDS is invited to attend a meeting of the Steering Committee on Sunday, Jan. 15 at 4:00 PM at Chuck and Soos Weber's house at 1623 Monte Sano Blvd.

Money- We are going to need more. No, it's not really that your new editor has expensive tastes...postal rates and reproduction costs are up and we have decided to raise the newsletter subscription rate to $8.00 per year . You still get a $1.00 discount on regular dances, and a copy of the Membership Directory. Note when your membership expires on your mailing label. Renew at the dance or send a check made out to Katrina Coupland to 109 Nolen Cir., Huntsville, Al. 35801.
Also, there has been some question whether new members' addresses and phone numbers should be published in the newsletter (which has been put on Internet in the past...and may be in the future again) Let me know how you feel about this.

Input to the newsletter from you dancers is welcome. Send or call me with news about yourself or other dancers, or whatever other information you think we should share here. Photos are appreciated too, and I'll be sure to return them after they've been reproduced.

North Alabama Country Dance Society

Editor: Katrina Coupland 109 Nolen Cir. Huntsville, Al. 35801

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