CAJUN/ZYDECO NIGHT continues at Gorin's (101 Washington Str) 2nd & 4th Wed ( Apr.9 & 23) Instruction 7 PM,Dance 8-9. Get on the mailing list for Cajun/Zydeco Connection of Huntsville -call 882-2627.

CAJUN DANCE NASHVILLE will meet April 6 as usual.Then, starting April 20, they will dance every Sunday at the HURRICANE CAFE, 11400 Lebanon Rd (Hwy 70) in Mt. Juliet, TN. Dance from 5 to 9 to live music, to be broadcast on local radio station WAPB.Call Rejane (205) 721-1109 or J. C. (615) 758-0866.

YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER a Music/Dance Vacation this summer! There are many programs available nationwide, ranging from family camp weeks to contra dance festivals to specialized workshops for callers or musicians. Look for literature on the table at dances, and check out our web page for specifics. If you need more help, call one of the members of the National Country Dance & Song Society members: Katrina (536-1397), Bryan (837-0656), Amanda (883-7453), Harry (772-0820), or Carol (883-7016).

NACDS has had some BUSINESS CARDS printed up. These are available at the table at dances. Pick up a couple of these, and when you run into someone you think might enjoy our dances, hand them a card.

THE NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE announces its slate of candidates for the upcoming election:

a. President. Chuck Weber

b. Vice-President/Secretary. Elsie Peterson

c. Treasurer. Bryan Walls

d. Dance Series Producer(s). Harry Delugach

e. Property Custodian. Steve Nix

f. Newsletter Editor. Amanda Kay

g. Membership Committee Chairman. Kimberly Hart

ELECTIONS will be at our annual meeting at the dance break on May 3rd. The meeting will be short and anyone who wants can attend and contribute to the discussion. Anyone willing to help out any of these officers is invited to speak up and let them know you're willing to share the burden..

IS IT TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP? Check your mailing label for the year and month when your membership expires. If your time is approaching, make your check for $8.00 payable to Katrina Coupland and mail to 3604 Mae Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next dance. (You don't have to wait till the last minute: we tack early renewals onto the end of your current subscription). Comes with $1 discount for each family member on all NACDS dances (excluding the Christmas Dance).

North Alabama Country Dance Society

Editor: Katrina Coupland 3604 Mae Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35801


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