FIRST & THIRD SATURDAYS - NOW! You can keep those dancing muscles honed now by stepping out on the dance floor three out of four weekends most months now. April 20 kicks off our Third Saturday series at Eastside. The Huntsville Barn Dance Co. has made some changes to their schedule, from Nov. 16 to Nov. 9, and from Dec. 21 to Dec. 28. Mark these on your calendar. We hope to include a comprehensive year-long calendar of Huntsville dances in the next newsletter, to dispel some of the confusion that 1996 has brought to our schedules.

THE NASHVILLE DANCE GROUP is also adding to their schedule: See the calendar for listings of the great bands and callers coming to their new Saturday Contra Dances on April 13 and May 11, with future dances on June 1 & July 19. We really enjoy dancing with the Nashville people who come to Huntsville dances --Let's reciprocate and join in their fun up there!

LAST MONTH THE STEERING COMMITTEE appointed Chuck Weber, Amanda Kay, and Bryan Walls as a committee to develop a constitution and by-laws for NACDS, and to nominate a slate of officers, all to be voted upon at the mid-April Eastside dance. The first part of this charge began with a vanilla fill-in-the-blanks boilerplate provided by CDSS (the Country Dance and Song Society). This evolved through a series of nine (!) drafts. It is the Steering Committee's hope that this will be voted in, warts and all: Correction of errors and omissions can be done through the means provided in the by-laws. A copy is included along with this newsletter to members paid-up at least through March 1996. We hope others whose memberships have lapsed will re-up in time for the Great Vote at half-time of the 3rd-Saturday Eastside Dance on April 20.

The proposed slate of nominees is:

President -- Amanda Kay

VP / Secretary -- Elsie Peterson

Treasurer -- Bryan Walls

Newsletter Editor -- Katrina Coupland

Property Custodian -- Steve Nix

Membership Chairman -- Linda Maier

Eastside Dance Series Producer -- Harry Delugach

Please come on April 20 and be part of our rebirth. Help vote these folks in, or propose alternates we can vote on. Check the wording of the By-Laws and then voice your opinion. One privilege of membership is voting -- not just one vote per membership, either. We even want kids of member-families to vote on things!

THERE HAVE BEEN ADDITIONAL PLEDGES TO OUR EQUIPMENT FUND, and Bob White has been busy looking for just the right components for the system. Fred Beckett did agree to return part of the original equipment, namely the mixer board, two speakers, and two stands and cables; so it looks as though we're doing fine. Hope to provide a report on this in the next newsletter.

NACDS PUBLISHES A DIRECTORY of members' addresses and phone numbers, which we try to update in a reasonably timely fashion (translation - it would be nice if it were an annual event, but don't hold your breath). Bryan Walls has graciously offered to take on the task again this year --I don't know if he can match his previous chef d'ouevre, the marvelous 1994 issue with all the great photos in it! Chuck Weber is cleaning up the database, so if you have noticed any mistakes on your mailing label, please e-mail corrections to or call Chuck at 534-4047. If you prefer not to have your phone number published in the directory, call Bryan at 837-0656.

CHECK OUT THE NACDS page on the World Wide Web at

IS THERE ANY NEWS you'd like to share with your fellow dancers? Have you got any photos we could put in the newsletter? (You will get them back).

IS IT TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP? Check your mailing label. See the top line, where it reads "(thru"? That refers to the year and month when your membership expires. If it says '00.00' or '99.99,' you may need to pay up -- no more free newsletters, except to cooperating organizations. Also, if your subscription is about to expire -don't let it happen!. Make your check for $8.00 to Katrina Coupland and mail to 3604 Mae Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next Eastside dance. Comes with $1 discount on all NACDS dances (excluding the Christmas Dance), and may be honored by other dance groups as well.

North Alabama Country Dance Society

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Huntsville, AL 35801

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