STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING will be held May 7 at 4:00 PM at Soos and Chuck Weber's place, 1623 Monte Sano Blvd. (Call 539-3747 for directions). Bring a dish and we'll make it a potluck dinner. Sample topics to be addressed: What to do about the heat we can expect at the Eastside dances this summer; Should NACDS host a Dance Weekend? And any other exciting topics that may arise. Any member is invited to come to these meetings.

NEW MEMBERS over the last couple of months include: Terri Lewis, John Keating, Judy Bell, Ken Shrider, Basil Pinker, Linda Hughes, A. Christie Buck, Tyrone & Linda Barton, David Ellington, Stephen Gester, J. C. Jones, George Coulin, Leslie Crow, Ronald Lee, Shannon Aston, and Gayle Young. Welcome! You old-timers, make sure and invite the newcomers to dance. Remember, once you were a beginner and someone asked you to dance. And nobody be shy about asking anyone to dance! Ladies --there are often more of us than there are gents. So, just sashay up to those guys and invite them to dance, or you may end up a wallflower. Which brings up another topic...

Some of us like to dance so much that we'll do anything to avoid the torture of sitting out one -. like asking another woman to dance! Wait a minute, I didn't mean that quite like it sounds. Ladies, don't take offense, but the truth is that same-sex partners run into a few practical difficulties. The one who takes the man's part will find that there are a number of moves which are different from what you're used to dancing. Add to that the confusion caused when other dancers are suddenly confronted with a gal where they expect a guy, and it's easy to mess up. Maybe we could bring some blue bandannas (and maybe a few red ones, too...guys could be in this position as well); and the woman taking the "male" role could wear a blue bandanna up high on her arm. An even better solution: All of scrounge around and encourage guys to come to these dances! It really is a good way to meet the girls. What do you think? Got any other ideas? Which brings up another topic...

Enclosed is a COMMENTS section we'd like some feedback on. The Christmas Dance is traditionally held at Burritt, and we limit the number of tickets available to ensure that the church will not be overcrowded. This means that some folks who would like to go get left out. Would you folks prefer that we hold the Christmas Dance at Eastside, where the ambiance is less ethereal, but we wouldn't have to turn anyone away? Let your voice be heard. Turn in the Comments section at the next dance you come to, or return it to the editor.

NEWS SCOOP! In conversing with a Johnson Sisters' band member at last month's wonderful dance, we managed to worm out the true story of the origin of the band's name. Formerly known as Something Fishy, this noble group of gentlemen noticed the aforementioned dearth of males in attendance at dances. They decided that if the guys think there's an all-girls band going to play, they'll be more likely to show up (Actually there was an alternate explanation offered as well, but it was too fishy to print!). Anyway, you can call yourselves anything you like, fellows, just keep up the great sound!

NOTICE! All you creative types who work best under pressure - We have a challenge for you! The T-shirt Committee (which just formed itself as Bryan Walls suddenly realized that April is NACDS Anniversary month) would like anyone who can come up with a neat T-shirt design to submit it ...immediately! We're not fooling - NACDS was born as the sweet sap rose in a group of would-be dancers one spring 13 years ago. We have been commemorating that occasion in recent years by offering original artwork T-shirts for sale. Not incidentally, the sale helps generate funds for the group too. So whip up something today and give it to Bryan at the Mar. 31 or April 1 dance, or send it to him at 4204 Holmes Ave, Huntsville, AL. 35816. If you have a great idea but have missed the deadline, call him at 837-0656. He may still be desperate for just the perfect design!

Please send or call me (536-2190) with news of yourself or other dancers, or whatever other information you think we should share here. Photos are appreciated too, and I'll be sure to return them after they've been reproduced.

Is it time to renew your membership? Check your mailing label. Make your check for $8.00 to Katrina Coupland and mail to 109 Nolen Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 for a one year renewal; or pay at the next dance. Comes with $1 discount on dances, both Burritt and Eastside (a $35 premium if you attend them all!!).

If any of you new members have not received a copy of the NACDS 1994 Address Book, ask for one at a dance or call me (536-2190) and I'll send one with your next newsletter.



(hand this in at the next dance you attend or mail to 109 Nolen Cir., Huntsville, AL 35801)

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